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They Were The First

January 30, 2012

It’s always great to see some new upstart shaking up the establishment by being very innovative and catching so to speak the established players off their feet. This was the case with CNN (Cable News Network), while the big three in American television, ABC, NBC, and CBS more or less had the same format of television shows and scheduled news; CNN was simply all about news. There were no soap operas or game shows when they burst into the scene.

The vision of Ted Turner was to broadcast news as it happened. A new approach back then, T.V. companies all over the world are now pretty much aware of breaking news and will also flash this kind of news as CNN had been doing all along.

News coverage as well as documentaries is still what CNN is all about and done round the clock 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some then thought that this format may get a bit boring with no variety like the other television networks.  The formula has clearly worked and they have stuck to it. There are still no soap operas or game shows on CNN.

Technology has been an integral part of CNN’s setup since they are always ready with satellite hookups anywhere in the world.  With their capability, CNN was the first to broadcast live about the first Gulf War. The broadcast was not done in some faraway studio in Europe or America but right in the middle of Baghdad. No one can beat that kind of reporting as it is being reported live on a first-hand account basis. Other T.V. stations had to find other means of reporting the news.  CNN was way ahead.

With stations and bureaus all over the world, CNN is now a by-word when it comes to news.  Any prominent figure who want their voice heard would certainly like CNN to be there covering them.  This also includes protesters demonstrating for change in their government. The company has helped shape world opinion on many events.

Now a global news force, no one was quite sure what would happen to CNN when it started out in 1980. Perhaps it was only its founder, Ted Turner who fully understood the power of live video coverage.

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