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Bound To Happen

January 27, 2012

It was bound to happen, if there are now smartphones, other “smart” products would surely come along.  Indeed one has come out – smart panties! To top it off, the company has a catchy name- Knock out! Smart Panties.

There are two issues with it comes to women undergarment particularly panties, odor and moisture. There have been products which addressed the odor issue. There have been many products that addressed the wetness issue. This panty addresses both.

Panty liners have been the main weapon against excess moisture and to some degree odor. Yet they are not really part of the panty itself nor permanent in nature.  Then Angela Newman came out with her own line of panties and these panties have patented technology.

She was able to secure patent of “No-trace” which involves odor trapping fiber technology. The cloth will only release the odor when it is washed and when it is dried can trap odor again.  She combined this with wicking technology which takes moisture away from the body, thus addressing the odor and wetness issue.

As a woman she personally felt the need for the product and men benefit, too as there are men’s undergarments available from her company.

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