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A Rising Giant in 3D Display Technology

November 27, 2011

The viewing experience for both television and cinema is changing. It’s hard to imagine that a long time ago, people were content watching nothing but black-and-white visuals, with grainy images, and no sound at times. Nowadays, 3D has become a benchmark for excellent visual entertainment across the globe.

Giant names in the 3D display technology, like IMAX 3D and Dolby 3D, are competing for the top spot. However, there is another smaller yet rising company bound to become a tough competitor for these existing giants. RealD is slowly establishing itself as a global licensor of stereoscopic or 3D technologies. Their technology enables people to experience premium 3D entertainment in the theatre, home, or just about anywhere else.

One of the top innovative companies, RealD is responsible for the release of Beowulf — which some say marked the dawn of the next wave of 3D movies. The California outfit made use of circularly polarized light from digital projectors. Compared to others, this piece of technology helps lessen eye fatigue caused by the old 3D.

Aside from cinema, the company is also experimenting with alternative content, such as an NBA game converted into 3D in real-time and multiplayer in-theater video games.

In May 2011, RealD and Samsung made a new deal for 3D liquid crystal display televisions. Both companies have been working together since 2010, and their 3D display technology was rumored to come out on 2012. However, just recently, RealD said that the Samsung TV deal fell apart. Samsung has not pursued its part in the agreement, leaving the innovative company to find other partners.

Despite prematurely ended contracts, RealD is still the future of cinema. The company has a lot in store for viewers, and it vows to continue producing groundbreaking technology — from the movie house to televisions, laptops, and other displays.

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