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Agent Anything Gets the Job Done

November 23, 2011

Are you a busy, hardworking person who does not have the time to accomplish daily tasks or occasional errands? Or are you a college student willing to work for money but constrained with responsibilities in school and family?

There is a link that exists between these two groups, and that is what Agent Anything attempts to strengthen. The company addresses the needs of these groups of people by bringing them together and setting up a fair trade of resources: busy people’s money in exchange for a hardworking college student’s time. The company classifies their customers as clients and agents; clients are people who want something done while agents are those willing to do simple jobs in exchange for money. In a nutshell, the company helps people hire college students to run their errands.

Their website acts as a management system for clients and agents; clients can post a job description and payment terms on the site while agents can apply for any one of these job postings. The agent awarded with the job must report to the client and fulfill the task in order to get paid. Agent Anything earns money by taking a percentage of the payment.

Hiring students to perform routine jobs is not a novel idea, but Agent Anything was able to come up with a concrete system to give more people from each group more options and opportunities. For a certain fee, clients can hire agents to either hand out flyers for their business, pick up the laundry, walk the dog, water the plants, and other such tasks. Conversely, agents can earn extra money for a weekend blowout or an expensive project with the money they earn from doing simple chores.

As one of the top seven small, innovative businesses in 2010, Agent Anything fosters a give-and-take professional working relationship between two groups that complement each other’s needs.

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