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Mrs. Doe Pee

November 20, 2011

They say that “one man’s trash may be another man’s treasure.” This has been proven to be true in countless occasions in varying circumstances. There’s also a saying that there’s money in garbage. But  who would have thought you can make money from, well, pee? Specifically doe pee. This is exactly what the company, Mrs. Doe Pee, was able to do.

This company is in the business of collecting the pee of does, which is sought-after by hunters in the belief that this attracts bucks to their “prey”. The process of collecting the pee is pretty straightforward. After the doe pees, the urine is collected and then frozen. The company also sells “dried frozen” pee. Lest people worry that it is highly unsanitary, it is important to note that Mrs. Doe Pee takes precautions against bacterial propagation.

For example, there is a collection room in their barn and the bottom floor is made of stainless steel. The area is beveled to allow the urine to drain into the cooling pit. One interesting fact is that urine itself has minimal bacteria; the most important thing is to keep it away from feces which may contaminate it. For Mrs. Doe Pee, running a clean facility is critical in ensuring that their products are “clean”. That’s why the barn is cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis.

Mrs. Doe Pee is certainly an interesting enterprise. The fact that they can come up with an idea like this one shows they understand hunting. The survival of this business alone can also be taken as an encouragement by many. That is, you can make money out of anything.

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