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A Shop of Green Merchandise: Solne Collections

November 19, 2011

Established in 2004, Solne Collections specializes in environmentally friendly products made from natural and organic materials. Dedicated to advancing the green movement, Solne adheres to sustainable business practices, and its website offers a wide range of merchandise designed to promote health and complement lives in harmony with nature.

The products available through Solne enhance every stage and aspect of life. For eco-conscious parents, Solne provides options such as all-natural baby linens, organic car seat covers, stainless steel feeding bottles free of harmful chemicals, nontoxic toys made with natural wood and recyclable materials, and eco-friendly apparel for infants, young children, and teens. For adult men and women, Solne offers clothing, personal care products, home accessories, organic candy and teas, and many other items suitable for gift giving, such as candles, books, music, stationery, and gems and stones. In addition, Solne is expanding its inventory to include environmentally sustainable home renovation materials and will soon sell items such as nontoxic primers and paints, countertops, and flooring.

Solne was founded by Lin Merage, who currently presides over the company’s daily operations as its Chief Executive Officer and Business Manager. A devoted advocate of the green movement, Lin Merage belongs to environmental organizations such as the Organic Trade Association, the U.S. Green Building Council, and Green America and attends events such as the Pacific Coast Builders Conference and West Coast Green.

Solne is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. To learn more about Solne and its broad selection of merchandise, go to

The Solne Collections Site

The Solne Collections Site

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