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Picky Domains

November 16, 2011

For most people, picking their own domain name is an important part of establishing their online identity. But there’s a big challenge in the domain industry today. It is highly likely that your first choice of a domain name is already taken. That’s right. There are countless companies, internet marketing professionals, or people  simply wanting to get rich quickly who  register all the “good stuff” so you’re left with, well, their leftovers.

If you desperately want a domain name that’s already taken, then you’ll likely have to shell out several thousand dollars. It’s a fact that in some cases, large firms have been forced to pay literally hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get the domain name of their choice. These firms are willing to part with a large amount to safeguard their reputation if it is related to their company in any way. The situation has proved challenging for many business owners, especially those who are just starting out.

This is where Picky Domains comes into the picture. When the domain name you want is unavailable, you can seek their services to find the best alternatives. Just give them to details of what you’re looking for and their specialists will provide suggestions. Now, it’s true that registrars automatically provide alternatives but these usually just involve changing the extension of the domain; for example, “.net” instead of “.com”. It may also involve purchasing a “premium” domain name which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Picky Domains look for alternatives that are currently available. If you decide to register the domain name they provided, the price will be $50.00. From the looks of things and based on the testimonials the company has received so far, it seems to be well worth the investment.


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