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Auri Footwear Steps Into the Scene

October 21, 2011

Serial entrepreneur, Oro Rosenbaum, has been doing business since he was 19 years old. His first success was on car audio systems and technology consulting. His business pursuits led him to develop a taste for fast cars and high fashion; in fact, he even raced competitively in a private function on a Dodge Viper. As exhilarating as the experience was, he could not ignore the pain caused by his uncomfortable, yet expensive, driving shoes. He then did what any other business-minded individual would do and started a company that would answer to his needs.

Auri Footwear

Thus, Auri Footwear was born. The Auri Design Group was established in 2008 to manufacture men and women’s footwear, but with a different catch. The Israeli-American entrepreneur decided to create shoes for all walks of life – shoes you can wear while driving, shopping, bouldering and even walking on the moon!

It’s not an exaggeration: Auri Footwear is made of pure leather from Italy and tech materials from NASA, with contemporary, fashionable designs you can wear every day. This small business creates hybrid shoes or “fusion” shoes that can withstand rigorous activities, yet are comfortable and stylish enough to wear for a night out on the town. The company prides itself for creating this concept, which no other shoemaker has thought of. Their line of footwear is available in their online store, as well as local shops.

As a start-up company, Auri Footwear saw the red carpet as a great way to launch their business. It was selected to showcase its wares during the Golden Globes, but the cancellation of the event caused Rosenbaum to lose his opportunity. Undeterred, he then pursued the Grammys and was successful. With public relations and marketing all set, Auri Footwear gained much attention from Hollywood stars, such as Benjamin Bratt, William Shatner and even Kim Kardashian. Sure enough, the rest of the world followed suit. A year after the , the company started and Forbes named it as one of America’s most promising companies.

With all its successes, Auri Footwear is predicted to become the next household name in the 2 billion dollar shoe industry in America.

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