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A Tick of the Clock for Every Water Drop

October 17, 2011

bedolHow often do we have to change the batteries on our bedside clock? Nobody can give the exact answer because this is the sort of thing that we don’t care much about. Lately, we have been showing a great deal of concern over the environment, and you should know that something as simple as an old battery contributes to our waste problem.

What if you can have a clock that never needs battery replacements? Bedol Water Powered Clock is a product that runs purely on water and a bit of lemon juice.

We all know that water is a conductor of electricity, but it can’t very well produce power unless a hydroelectric plant comes into the picture. So how does this clock work?

Inside the clock, an electrolytic cell is found. As you can probably recall in chemistry, an electrolytic cell only works if the following are present: an electric load connected by cable to create the clock circuitry, two different metals and an electrolyte.

Inside the clock, you will see two small metal posts made of copper and zinc. These metals are the best alternatives when creating batteries as they can provide a sufficient amount of electricity. An electrolyte, simply defined, is a liquid conductor of electricity, wherein the two metal posts are suspended. With the electrolyte, ions can move around freely. In this product, water acts as the electrolyte that completes the function of the electrolytic cell. Adding a few drops of lemon improves water’s capability to conduct electricity. It’s that simple.

The technology behind the Bedol Water Powered Clock also makes it an eco-friendly product. The clock will run for six to eight weeks with a filled reservoir, with no harmful emissions and no electronic waste. Although it is devoid of fancy features, it does fulfill the basic function of clocks – with efficiency, too. Its built-in memory chip ensures that your clock won’t need resetting, even during water changes.

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